About Us

Your Certificate to Enter a Career
ITJTC Online Training Website is an Online + Distance Mode Training solution & Training Resource Center of IT Job Training Center, a National Training Council accredited education provider, with head office based in Port Moresby.
Upon the previous success of delivering high quality training in our Port Moresby training center, we have decided to make all of our training courses and resources available on the Internet so that other people can also benefit from our programs Online from the comfort of their homes! From primary school to higher education certificates, from general personal development to specific skill training, our programs cover a wide range of topics for all levels of individuals!
Whether you are an employee seeking self improvement, a school graduate looking for further vocational training, or a parent who simply cannot afford school fees, just register with ETIS and you’ll get unlimited access to all our courses for free!
Don’t forget we are constantly updating resources and adding new courses, and other e-Training users are also invited to share their study materials. Our goal is to make education affordable and accessible for everyone in PNG!

Easy to Learn:
Students can enroll online and learn online (this can be at your home or at our online learning classroom), or you can pick up the workbook at our office and enter the Distance Mode learning program.

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