• 100 + Courses
  • Designed by Experts
  • Work Place Orentaed
  • Address Workplace Skill Gaps
  • Participant Invo;ved Delivery
  • Fully Customizable Content
  • Customizable Duration Between Two to Five Days

Soft Skill Short Courses


HR Management

We have 13 courses under this catigory that deliver skills in human resourse management such as, manager team, hire for success, problem solving…and more¬

Sales & Marketing

We have 11 courses under this catigory that deliver skills in sals such as, selling smarter, telemarketing, building relationships for succesful in sales…and more¬

Career Development

We have 34 courses under this catigory that deliver skills in personel development such as communication skills, writing report goal settings, leadership skills…and more¬

MS Office Appications

We have series Ms Office application courses from basic to advanced levels in Word, Excel, Powerpoint…and more

Supervisor & Manager

We have 25 courses under this catigory that deliver skills in supervise and manage others such as basic to advanced supervisory skills, coaching and mentoring,effective planning and scheduling…and more¬

Train of Trainer

We have 10 courses under this catigory that deliver skills in training skills suchas develop training program, facilitation skills, measuring training outcomes, developing TNA, Use Activities to make training fun…and more¬

Clients have taking those course

Frequntly Asked Questions

These courses are suitable for organisations who wish to upgrade their employee’s skills, address workplace gaps. They also suitable for individuals who wish to learn new skills.

For oganizations, training can be delivered at your workplace as workshop group training. For individuals, course delivered by online training portal.

The duration of each course may take 1 to 4 full days according to its original design. But the actual days can be customisable according to your organisation’s needs. For individuals who take online learning, we give one month time to complete all the learning activities.

Yes, there will be a “Participation Certificate “ to be issued to each participants.

For organisations, course fee between K300.00 to K600.00 per person per day, it depending on course you take, days you assign, and number of the participants. Please send a request form to us so we can give you a quotation to meet you needs.

For organizations, payment upon course delivery, or pay in advanced as per quotation.

For individuals, pay direct by bank deposit.

Yes, for organizations, the minimum number of the participants is 5, the maximum is 20.

The schedule to conduct workshop training, is well depending on your needs, please send us a request and we will work out with you.